Dental Services


  1. Dental Hygiene
  2. Dental Health and Education
  3. Restorative/Crowns/Bridges
  4. Sealants
  5. Orthodontics
  6. Dentures
  7. Oral Surgery
  8. Endodontics/Root Canal Treatment



Scheduling Your Dental Appointment

To schedule a dental exam and cleaning appointment, call the dental clinic Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. If you require any dental treatment after your exam, we will call you to schedule your appointment. Please let us know if your phone number changes. Once you receive an appointment for treatment, you will receive additional appointments until your treatment is completed.


We have provided our brochure that will help you with the appointment process. It is very important not to miss appointments. Missing appointments can cause long delays in your dental care.

PTHA Dental Appointment Brochure



Urgent Care Appointment

If you need urgent dental care for a toothache, swelling, or other painful condition, please call and speak to the Urgent Care dental assistant. She will arrange a time for you, usually within 1 to 3 days. We do not have a “walk-in” clinic. If you do walk in without arranging a time, it is possible that you may not be seen.


Important information about dental appointments


  1. Your dental care is important to us. In order for us to provide the best service for you, please come in 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.
  2. Please give us a 24-hour notice when possible if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment.
  3. If you fail to come for your appointment, it will be difficult for you to get back into our appointment system. Also, it is lost appointment time for others in our community.
  4. Children under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present at all times when treatment is being done.



Dental Surgery

After dental extractions or surgery your body will require some healing time. During this time it is important to rest and to treat the area as gently as possible. We have provided a PDF of our brochure that will help you with the healing process. Please read all of the information and follow the instructions to ensure the most comfortable and effective healing experience.

PTHA Dental Surgery Brochure



Root Canal

A root canal is needed for a tooth that has experienced irreversible damage to the pulp. Root Canal Therapy is the process of removing an injured nerve and placing a filling within the canal to protect against infection. We have provided our brochure to give you more information on root canals.

PTHA Root Canal Brochure



Dental Providers


Name / Credential


Board Status


Kelly, Sean DDS 

Dental Director

Federal Services Board of General Dentistry


Silver, Ross DDS

Deputy Director


  Bansal, Shradha DDS Pediatric Dentist  
  Choi, Sue DDS Pediatric Dentist American Board of Pediatric Dentistry

Cottrill, Dwight DDS



  Davis, Miranda DDS Dentist  

Fu, Isaac DDS


American Board of Orthodontics

  Graves, Kenneth DDS Dentist  
  Nguyen, Anthony DMD Dentist  

Yan, Simon DDS





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