Kwawachee Counseling Center

Promote Peace. Practice Love. Pursue Happiness.


Kwawachee Counseling Center is a safe place where, during times of turmoil, crisis, or illness, clients can begin to find some purpose in these turning points in life. KCC provides a full range of preventative and therapeutic options to address your mental health needs.



Counseling Services Offered:


  1. Screening and assessment for individual and family counseling
  2. Short-term crisis-oriented counseling
  3. Ongoing individual mental health counseling for children and adults
  4. Ongoing group therapy
  5. Ongoing couples and family therapy
  6. Day treatment program
  7. Psychiatric medication evaluation, prescription and follow-up
  8. Referral and coordination with traditional healers


Prevention services include educational presentations on strength-based topics such as dealing with stress, coping strategies, and traditional cultural teachings such as song and dance, and regalia making.


Group classes are an important part of the services provided at KCC. Classes, or groups, are an excellent learning opportunity and are well matched to the traditional ways we learned. Groups can provide support and a chance to share with others. Many of our groups are specific to “problems” so you can meet other folks struggling with similar things.


Class/Group Topics Include:

  1. Anger Management
  2. Grief and Loss
  3. Parenting Support
  4. Stress Management


Case management services include screening and assessment of basic needs such as food, shelter and financial assistance. Our client advocates then assist clients to access outside resources as needed.


Client Advocacy

  1. Coordinate client referrals to PTHA and other tribal programs
  2. Coordinate referrals to county, state, and private social service programs
  3. Coordinate with DSHS workers
  4. Assist clients in Medicaid, GAU and SSI application process


For more information call (253) 593-0247


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