Do I have to be Native American to apply?

We welcome everyone to apply! You should have an interest in and a commitment to Native American health and wellness or underserved populations. We want to train physicians who are dedicated to working in Native American communities. Our current staff consists of native as well as non-native physicians and support staff. We are an equal opportunity employer while practicing Native preference according to law.

Does the clinic only serve the Puyallup Tribe?

We serve all American Indians and Alaska Natives that reside in Pierce County, WA. Approximately 20% of our patients are members of the Puyallup Tribe, and then there are over 200 other tribes represented.

What is unique about a tribal clinic? 

Takopid is a family medicine clinic which provides preventive and diagnostic medical services as well as education for the community. We pride ourselves in being sensitive to the culture and traditional practices of our patients and being mindful of their specific needs. Because of our tribal roots, we have a specific curriculum on Native American medicine and history.